Open 2024 Poems - Nolo Segundo


When Time Runs Out
By Nolo Segundo


There will come a time
When time runs out,
And you see your life
In all of its totality, with
Every thought, every act,
All your life’s myriad days
Compressed into a point,
A singularity that you’ll
Grasp in both sudden
Joy and sorrow, at that
Moment when your body,
So familiar once and
Now some alien thing,
Expires and the soul
You weren’t sure of
Now sees some other
World—but which
World? The one of
Light beyond light,
Love beyond love?
Or will it be that
Darkness deeper
And blacker than
A universe void
Utterly of star
And planets?


Nolo Segundo is the pen name of a retired teacher who has served in America, Japan, Taiwan, and Cambodia. His works are published in over 180 literary journals in 14 countries. has published 3 poetry books: The Enormity of Existence; Of Ether and Earth; and Soul Songs.


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