Open 2024 Poems - Randall Rogers


Now And Then
By Randall Rogers


These groove stained walls
if they could speak
to the hours, days,
years, moments I
sat freaking out
always it was
the moment, the now,
a series of now s
the beats of my
heart a song
marking time
my time
the musician’s
increasingly forgotten
or remembered
in the soul
amid the striving.

Let’s Talk!

flowers in golden
smell blind
with no eyes
a world
a sensibility
a joy, dare
I say
in a six or seven
day life span
- getting eaten
by the female
after mating -
we so-called
higher beings
just can’t
grasp the glory
and ecstasy of
till inter-species
communication efforts
ramp up
and we cease
the murderous rampage,
call off the insect war.


Randall Rogers is a Midwestern US writer. His theme is transcendence in the universe(s). He lives in Rapid City, South Dakota, on the edge of the Black Hills, with his wife and two armadillos. “Dead Beats” with Chris Butler is his latest poetry collection.


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