Open 2024 Poems - Rekha Balachandran


Harvest Tale
By Rekha Balachandran


Harvest teaches us about resilience,
Like in a river, we see the reflection,
The farmers sow the seeds with patience,
We must sow seeds of our intentions with care.

The falling and fading of leaves is circle of life,
Not to let go of moments and seize them,
Nurturing the mind with kindness and grace,
Embarking on a new journey as seasons intertwine.

Gathering the bounty of nature as they sing,
Heads bow with gratitude and seek blessing,
Change is a part of nature like seasons do,
But this is circle of life and we must learn too.


Rekha Balachandran from India is a freelance editor and author. Her latest book is She Grows from the Depths of Pain - Poems & Prose. She loves sketching and painting. She believes they are great medium of expression and bring blank pages to life, when she writes.


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