Vasant 2024 Poems - Abigail Ayornu


Palm Tree
By Abigail Ayornu


The beautiful leaves lingering like a genius
With its branches having an earring
As the fruits ripe
Her appetite whets to eat the fruits of her labour
Is like a youth springing to maturity
With all her sparkling features
Having hairs on the stem is natural
As it unveils the beauty of womanhood
Not to talk of the roots
Having meritablefeets
Standing in one location
Trapped in the middle of the forest




Growing up is an everyday routine.
Having features embroidered with so many colours,
Birds chirped and sang with me.


On on I go to school.
Loved by teachers,
Loved by parents,
Loved by all.


It wasn’t easy for me to bare.
Like a light strike down from heaven
Where the lightnings and thunderings meet.


Up above the sky, I saw an illumination.
I could now smell the aroma of life
Coming towards my direction.

My instincts alert,
My loins girded
To embrace my maker
And lay in His bosom till eternity.



Abigail Ayornu from Ghana is a B.A. English and Linguistics from the University of Cape Coast. She is a Poet and prolific author of Short stories, as well as motivational quotes. She was inspired to write poems during the pandemic. She had written 62 poems and some are published in Best Poetry and Artrtvilla. Most of her themes are life centred, and her vision is to impact society.


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