Vasant 2024 Poems - Alexandra Dark


End Roll
By Alexandra Dark


A boy,
Stained red and
Bruised blue,
Dreams a
Happy Dream
Where he has a happy life,
Reliving how
Blood got on his
A birthday cake,
And a lack of a
Mother’s love.


The credits never stop rolling.
The credits never stop rolling..
The credits never stop rolling…




His poisonous words,
Dripping from his tongue,
Resting in your ears.
Your ears no longer can hear
The lies,
The lies filling the orifices on your face.
His hands slide up and down your body,
His lies pressing into your body,
Holding you,
Enfolding you,
Never letting you go.



Alexandra Dark from U.S is an undergraduate of the University of New Mexico who has worked on the staff of Blue Mesa Review. Her work was published in Outrageous Fortune. Her favorite color is purple, and she loves oddities.


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