Vasant 2024 Poems - Angela Patera


A Gold Ring With Star-Shaped Rubies
By Angela Patera


A gold ring with star-shaped rubies is all that remains of my Grandma.
Surprisingly heavy for its age, it feels cool against my skin.
Τhegold, once shiny, is now tarnished to the dull sheen of a withered autumn leaf.
Three star-shaped rubies, defying the cruelty of time, still hold a fiery glint.


As I move my hand, catching the slant of morning light, the rubies flare to life.
For a fleeting moment,they morph into little drops of blood;
Not spilled but held precious-
an echo of the life force that flowed through veins so similar to mine.


The gold ring spins loose even on my index finger, constantly threatening to escape.
This threat is a chilling reminder that there’s a gap between the past and the present.
As Iplunge my hand into the water, a thought surfaces:
if the ring were to slip away, would a part of me vanishwith it?


Fear coils around my heart and I anchor it reluctantly with my wedding band;
A double helix of gold; my present clinging to my fading past.
This ring is a silent witness; an observer to a life richer, fuller than I can ever grasp.
Long after I’m gone, this slender band of gold will live on.


Wars and times of truce, my gold ring has seen it all.
It has traversed continents, nestled on fingers ortucked away in velvet-lined havens.
It has wiped away bitter tears and caressed broken hearts.
It has cradled the fragile hope of newborns and danced across smooth piano keys.


One day, it will grace my daughter’s finger, a cool kiss against her soft skin.
Aspa, Anna, Angela- a chain of women bound by a single, gleaming strand.
All names beginning with an “A”, a soft murmur, a defeated sigh, an exhale.
My daughter’s name, with its defiant “E” might break free from the familiar refrain.


I sometimes think this ring is a worn bridge,
a passage across generationsbut also across destinies.
It carries the whispers of a past long gone;
Yet, it gleams with the promise of an unwritten future.


These little glittering rubies, nestled against my palm,
They’re embers, each a spark of life fiercely lived before mine.
The women that have worn it weren’t just names whispered on a family tree.
Their heartbeats thrum beneath the cool metal, reassuring me that I am not alone.


Angela Patera from Greece is an ESL teacher and a mother. Having studied English Language and literature at the National University of Athens, she pursued a Master's Degree in Cultural Administration and Communication. Her main field of interest is the representations of womanhood, race, and disease in Culture. Her stories and poems have appeared in Oxford Magazine, Barnstorm Journal, Tint Journal, Sandy River, Midnight Chem, Ariel Chart International Literary Journal, Route 7 Review, Wilderness House Literary Review, Rundelania, and other literary journals.


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