Vasant 2024 Poems - Caleb Delos-Santos


Electric Sisyphus
By Caleb Delos-Santos


When Ms. PAC-Man dies,
the ghosts never celebrate.
They only reset.


Dancing skeleton
bound to my yard for a month,
is life worth your work?


If the world is staged,
am I Tom Hanks, John Wilkes Booth,
or a light fixture?


My white PS5
blackens my eyes, grays my mind,
and reddens my thighs.


A sable toy sail
with a lithium-charged hull
beached on my bookshelf.


Shift almost finished.
My chest electrifies till
my shift tomorrow.


Caleb Delos-Santos (he/him) is an English graduate student at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. In his four years of writing, Caleb has published poetry with over twenty literary magazines, including North Dakota Quarterly and the Madison Journal of Literary Criticism, and released three poetry collections: A Poet’s Perspective (2022), Once One Discovers Love (2023), and Leftover Poetry (2023). Caleb also won the 2022 Esselstrom Prize for Creative Writing and the West Wind Literary Magazine’s 2023 Best in Genre Award for his nonfiction. Caleb teaches English as a teaching assistant, watches TV with his wife, and continues to pursue a writing career.


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