Vasant 2024 Poems - Jeffrey Ogochukwu


Against All Odds
By Jeffrey Ogochukwu


I am in the seed of sunlight cascading the ocean of time and space; a ray
of hope breaking through clouds, carrying promises of better days
to come; a purifying flame from hades’ gate that trickles down
to a place of your vanities and evanesces the demons
that live down there; a bright flare that burns
your heartaches in these fragile moments fraught
with despair; a hallow light that illuminates your path
in all truth an’ divinity and brings forth your warrior spirit


I am in the rain that runs down your cheek and erases the tear tracks
a life-giving water that soaks your core with a torrent of hope, even under the
weight of the world’s grief; a fresh spring that washes the remnant of pain from
yesteryear; a healing fountain that drowns your fears and inflates your spirit with
joy and laughter; a never ending drop of love in your ocean of suffering


I am the voice in the wind that fills the void of your consciousness with
assuasive words never spoken; a rogue melody that flows across
windswept plains to fill your eardrum with distilled grandeur
a violent onslaught that dissolves yourworries into a
million strides of nihility, even when the chaos
of the universe yawns. I am in the centre
space of your blank existence.
Against all odds, i am you


Jeffrey Ogochukwu is a poet and writer who lives in Nigeria. His work has appeared Fabula Argentea, The Kalahari Review, 2022 Kepressing Anthology Prize, Rat’s Ass Review, Thirteen Podcast, D’Lit Review, Spillwords, and The Red Mud Review.


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