Vasant 2024 Poems - Kay Kestner


The Night’s Opera
By Kay Kestner


The light leaves even the garden
temporarily. Leaves the Earth


as a great shaded stage for
the night’s opera to be performed,
starring Owl and Cricket with
the sky its devoted audience of eyes.


It is always a tragedy
full of dark and desperate survival.
But it is a ballet that makes
the barbaric look beautiful.


At dawn the sun applauds
and waits all day for
the encore.



Befriending Owl

He is a confused Crow who
wants to be Robin’s friend,
realizes the bully of Blue Bird,
shares his supper with Sparrow,
tries to fly with old Owl.


No one flies with old Owl.


No one.


But after moments of annoyance
Owl lets Crow keep company
in the sky with him and
Robin, Sparrow, even
bitter Blue, secretly
understand Crow
was not so confused
after all.


Crow just did what no other
feather that ever flew could do.
Owl lets Crow fly right by his side.



Kay Kestner grew up working at her family’s store in Pine Lake Park, NJ, USA. Her poetry has recently been published in the UK’s Amethyst and Selcouth Station, Australia’s Otoliths and Burrow, and the US’s Soup Can Magazine and Trouvaille Review. Her screenplay, “Art Never Lies,” was a 2022 finalist in the Bigfoot in Collaboration with Trinity College Dublin Screenwriting Contest.


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