Vasant 2024 Poems - Ken Cathers


Black Widow
By Ken Cathers


it is the kind of music
she listens for

slight touch of each strand

a thrum of wind
random brush of leaves

she has learned
what things to ignore

is alive to the way
the silk web quivers

the panicked pitch
of wings trapped

she is pounce, bite
venomous embrace

will pluck the lace mesh
with desire

cast her net and wait
weave a treble spell of promise

snare with the first touch
no chance for escape


Ken Cathers has a B.A. from the University of Victoria and a M.A. from York University in Toronto. He has been published in numerous periodicals, anthologies and has just released his eighth book of poetry, entitled Home Town with Impspired Press of England. He has also recently published a chapbook entitled “Kiefer” with broke press and another chapbook, entitled “Legoland Noir” from Block Party Press in Toronto. His work has appeared in publications in Canada, the United States, Australia, England, Hong Kong, Ireland and Africa. Most recently it has appeared in numerous periodicals including Zoetic Press, Wool Gathering Review, The MacGuffin, The Orchard and thewildword. He lives on Vancouver Island with his family in a small colony of trees.


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