Vasant 2024 Poems - Mike Jurkovic


Tight Sweaters
By Mike Jurkovic


The Army Tactical Brassiere promises to reduce
the cognitive burden on its female soldiers
and if I was fifty years younger
I’d promise that too.


But is it bulletproof? you ask
and that’s a good question
which may or may not be
answered here or at any other
point in this poem about the




and how it looks beneath
a tight red sweater.
T-shirt and bandana.


And no, they are not bulletproof
I almost forgot to say


Mike Jurkovic from U.S has published full length collections that include the upcoming haiku collection, Monet’s Bamboo, (CAPS Press, 2024) and Buckshot Reckoning (Luchador Press, 2023). mooncussers, (Luchador Press 2022); AmericanMental, (Luchador Press 2020); Blue Fan Whirring (Nirala Press, 2018). Anthologies: Calling All Poets 20th Anniversary Anthology, (CAPS Press), and in several others.


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