Vasant 2024 Stories - Alastair Millar



By Alastair Millar


The racing drone barrels over the beach, Jeff the jock showing off an expensive new toy to his usual high school clique.


The sleek machine strains as it fights the fresh breeze coming in off the afternoon sea, dark against the blue sky. Climbing and diving, the rotors whine as if it’s struggling to get free of its bonds. A moment later it banks suddenly, and makes a screaming low pass over a crowd of sun-worshippers. The little gang laughs at the bemused reactions.


High above, a lone gull hovers and glides effortlessly, raucous in its disdain.


Alastair Millar from Czech Republic is an archaeologist by training and a translator by trade. Married with two adult children, he lives north of Prague where he enjoys good books, bad puns, coffee and travelling.


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