Shishir 2018 Poems - Afiah Obenewaa




By Afiah Obenewaa


You remind me of fiery blazes
caught in thickets of thorny desires.
You remind me of dying embers
that tell soothing tales of fierce arousals.
You remind me of a passing shadow
cast in twilight.

Everyday I feel your heat anew
your presence a constant throb in my feverish brain
especially on cold harmattan nights.
Live on dear
Live on.
There is nothing like death.
Each day
All day
Your memory lives on
like fire on top of the hill.


Afiah Obenewaa is poet from Ghana. Afiah holds an MPhil in English) from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. The poet works as a lecturer at the Faculty of Theology and Missions, Pentecost University College.

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