Shishir 2018 Poems - Carphuy Loro



By Carphuy Loro


Once I was ignorant,
young, and naive,
I touched the tip
of a burning coal pot.
the scar now reminds me
not to believe
the alluring blue flames
of what is hot.

Just a spark
can start a conflagration
and consume
by leaving trails of ashes.
Its resting state smolders
in deception
and enkindles
every naïf it catches.

Yet, it’s not only
about death and doom.
it makes,
in the furnace,
our dear ores pure.
it dispels any darkness
in a room,
as our cold bodies
get some warmth as cure.
so as a lantern
can’t burn without fire,
the human soul
can’t be dim to aspire.


Kafui Avaworyi (Carphuy Loro) from Ghana, has a B.A. in Political science and English. He is inspired by many works of art. Writing poems and short stories are among his hobbies.

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