Shishir 2018 Poems - Gabrielle Mohamed


De Birth ah de free Nashion (In Creole)

By Gabrielle Mohamed


In de lan ah de undead, abi Red Muddah
De mend de soul ah de colonial Gui-an-ah.
Cauz ah dem wile dreamz ah freedom, dah kiss de tearz ah de evanz,
De shake-up de graveyard ah im-pearl-ism. An iz all ah abi ancestaz


From de fagotten drumz ah planation Albion an brass pot a dem fallin loogie (h)ut
Geh baptize by de Oh-lee Firah ah de gadz above meh.
An iz dem same bruk-up anz dah mek diz lan ah de free
Geh resurrect from de russet breath ah life, bunnin in dem lungz.
Suh, wan by wan, de resurrect-shion ah de undead Nashion de begin,

An iz all ah meh fallin bruddaz an sistahz ah de slave trade an de black wata ah-de-see

Now tun glowin embahz fah de lan ah de free.
Dem now lay ta rest in de art a de Red Muddah.
Suh, yah see now, diz iz dem las gif ta de lan ah de free

From de taste ah dem blood, an touch ah de Oh-lee Firah, abi gon live fah-eveah.
De 26th May, 1966, firah an fragmen-tah-shion gea
Birt tah de pickneez ah de free Nashion.



Birth of the Free Nation (Translated to English)

By Gabrielle Mohamed


In the land of the undead, our Red Mother,
Mended the soul of the colonial Guiana.
Because of their wild dream that kissed the tears of heaven,
Shook the graveyard of imperialism. And it’s all of our ancestors

From the forgotten drums in plantation Albion and brass pots from the falling loggie hut,
Were baptized by the Holy Fireof the gods above me.
And it’s the same broken hands that made this land of the free
Get resurrected from the russet breath of life, burning in their lungs.
So, one by one, the resurrection of the undead Nation began,

And it’s all of my falling brothers and sisters of the slave trade and black water odyssey
Now turn glowing embers for the land of the free.
They now lay at rest in the heart of the Red Mother.
So, you see now, this was the last gift to the land of the free

From the taste of their blood, and touch of the Holy Fire, we will live forever.
The 26th May, 1996, fire and fragmentation gave
Birth to the children of the free Nation.


Based in Georgetown, Guyana, Gabrielle Mohamed works with the visually impared students at the University of Guyana. Gabrielle writes poetry and has won the Walter Rodney Creative writing Competition.

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