Shishir 2018 Poems - Ikegwu Michael



Burning Desire

By Ikegwu Michael


Mother told me, make us proud son; change our lives for good; put a smile onour faces.
Touched by mother’s words, I left for good.
It’s just a burning desire; desire to make mother happy
Wish I could turn my heart into a flame of fire,
Fire to fulfill the promisesI made to mother; I need a burning desire.

Every day, I live bymother’s word; because it burns my heart like fire,
I’m the hope of mother; mother needs a smile,
I just need a burning desire; desire to make mother smile,
She waits for me to fulfill my dream,
I promised mother I’ve burning desire.

I cry, weep, I burn to see mother suffer,
She’s just all I live for; I needa fulfilled life,
I can walk on fire for mother; because I’ve a burning desire,
A desire to be the joy of motherhood,
Mother is just proud of me; because I burn with desire!


Ikegwu Michael, based in Nigeria, writes fiction and poetry. His work ispublished in and

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