Shishir (Winter) 2020 Poems - Palash Mahmud


A Sunken Soul

By Palash Mahmud

In the nights of sorrows she sang
the songs
of the days of happiness; I slept with
empty stomach but had a heart filled
with dreams


Since her first breath she suffering
the pains
rode on the shoulder of her soul till
last grasp; she needed more space
the earth was less to place her soul


She craved for perpetuity where
oblivion resides

So she sunk herself only to see
the soul
the way swam in the water; the eyes
were wide open for a long while with
great relief


Like Autumn winds drifting
Life on earth,
said in undertones,
is stranger than anything


Palash Mahmud from Bangladesh is a bilingual writer, translator (Bengali & English) and book critic. His poetry, short fiction & book reviews are appeared in ActiveMuse (India) , The League of Poets (Nigeria), Voice.Club, Superstition Review (USA), The Punch Megazine (India) and forth coming elsewhere.


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