Varsha 2019 Issue, Poems -Guru Gayatri



O! Wind

By Guru_Gayatri


Tossing birds to fly so high;
Blowing branches towards the sky.
Swirling and taking sand from the ground
Briefly lets it go to turn around;


From tickling breeze on the tip of nose;
To sending shivers down the toes,
Sometimes, calmly sings sweet whistles,
Sometimes, howling loud storm in dismissal,


Dancing to the tunes of air,
That gushes through my hair;
Guiding me as I move on a beach,
Not so far, I go as I am always in its reach,


Carrying me all along on the bright day;
Towards the fire that burnt away.


O, Wind tired don’t you feel -
For blowing all day long;
And singing so pleasant song.



Guru Gayatri a Bio-technologist by profession considers herself to be a dreamer and a wanderer. Dreaming of a world made of words and wandering in the land of her own scribbling. She is constantly scribbling her reveries and all the secrets that she unearth while living, sometimes it’s on paper and most of the time it’s mental notes. Apart from writing, she is also passionate about photography..


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