Varsha 2019 Issue, Poems - Sreeja Harikrishnan



The Weird Whistler

By Sreeja_Harikrishnan


The wind here in June is a maverick, a weird whistler
who squashes in through the gaps of my windows,
giving me ghostly whistles and filling the void spaces
where my thoughts are lost in oblivion.


Is it the whiff of mindfulness
that this eccentric whistler carries
far from the frills of the sky
where the hills and the clouds
stay in a transcending quietude?


When lost between perspectives and silence, dear,
don’t you think we must walk the talk to the hills;
take in the scents that this maverick carries?
Maybe that’s how we fill in the blank spaces between us.


I love it when it is July
and this maverick carries
tiny drops of the rain outside
in through the windows
to the dry memories inside.


Our silence and our half emptiness are always
longing to be filled in by a maverick’s whistle.



Sreeja is a home maker, a person who loves poetry and painting. A keralite residing in Navi Mumbai, she blogs at She posts her paintings and poetry at her FB page---words&colours. Got published in ‘The dVerse Anthology’, ‘Chiaroscuro-dVerse Anthology’, ‘Nain Rouge-First Issue’, ‘WrimoIndia Anthology-Vengeance’, ‘Monthlyanthologies-Petrichore’, ‘ActiveMuse-Shishir Issue.’


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