Varsha 2019 Issue, Poems - Trishita Das



Delhi in the Wind

By Trishita Das


the clouds have swallowed the grey tin bowl
that Delhi calls a sky – a sangfroid transition from haze to mist


so that four o’ clock looks like midnight:
no moon, and only the muddy water swirling


into ink-stained puddles. the roads are a Rorschach
test - of patience. bumper to bumper, a stagnant
headlight-bokeh breaks through the haze.


the cars are still, but the wind raves
like the wolf or the madman or the addict
starved. the horns blare through the mud piercing


the steady thrum of thundering transient rain. afterwards,
a blue light filters through the afternoon,


like a frame from an old photograph, and everywhere,
everything smells like newness and wet earth.



Trishita Das is a student of English Literature. She writes poetry and prose and hopes to become a professor in the future so as to spread her love for literature with the world.


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