Varsha 2019 Issue, Poems - Victoria Crawford



In the Dark Behind Eyelids: Thai Cave Rescue

By Victoria Crawford


In the dark behind eyelids
boys huddle—
clutching a net to catch lost souls,
a father spreads wide his arms
at cave mouth, Tham Luang


In the dark behind eyelids
time slows—
monk chants dharma of grace
burns incense
to spirits of the land
rock, dirt, and mud
mountain heavy
under the rain


In the dark behind eyelids
counted breath—
ancient Thai calling rituals rumble
hidden in monsoon thunder
rain and tears twins
measured through nights
light tunnels the sky
flickers underground


In the dark behind eyelids
boys await—
Mother Earth tumbles water
storm grumbles, stirs
her water breaks
to release tadpoles.



Frog Opera


A night at the opera,
Marx Brothers frogs
screaming April passions
of wakefulness
towards dawn, I finally sleep
dreaming quiet tadpoles




Monsoon Season

Mimosa, slender tree fingers
curve cupping the weeping clouds,
wet leaves glisten like green and white hands
on the ficus in the corner
deep within black soil rice seeds
hear the summons of tapping rain



Rainy Day

Rain day
the lazy way
easy layback playtime
diddle-piddle around the house
we say
relax slo-mo
read a bit, nap’s a hit,
set up new app, write letter owed,
drip day



Victoria Crawford has lived in Asia and the Middle East for many years immersing herself in the lives and environments of each city. Her poetry has been published in journals such as The Lyric, Cargo Literary, Foreign Lit, Postcard Poetry and Prose, ActiveMuse, and various anthologies.


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