Vasant (Spring) 2019 Poems - Xoa Mannie



Leaves and Garden

By Xoa Mannie


When we plant a leaf,
we do not think where its life will come from.
We go counting and rejoicing our loves effort,
because at some point,
we think there is a turning point to this wheel.


There is this unexpected desire.
We are told that love is solid when it is chilled.
It quickly turns liquid
and we find ourselves with air that has wings.


Cosmic loneliness travels on the strongest hands.
They say "when the world hears you loud and clear,
become little again and wash your mortal face."
I heard "tremble with the sea and cover your little shades."


They have also told me to wait and steam my truth,
Evaporate into an easier accent, whatever that means.
Authentically searching for beauty,
One should not wait to yield the rising sun when
the moveless imaginations become real.


Trees that rest on the same metal as the waters
borrow gardens from the universe to be themselves.
And and they remember to descend from outrage
when planting a leaf: a humble plant that listens to the news.


These are the news, title "an eternal cosmic heartbreak."
Bones begin to chant in one pure voice.
Why is a faith noise that transcends into a broken figure?
A substance without fruit with a Godly understanding of how the rain bathes.


When we love we visit our lover`s inner realms.
We move our lips to roots and manifest our worth
until we restore unknown museums, drinking all the waters.
Listening to orchestra`s sing the ether out until we lose our breaths.




Xoa Mannie (Bernice Mannie) from Johannesburg, South Africa, is a poet and visual communicator. Zoleka Xoa Mannie expresses her life as a hyper-romantic social ape and is passionate about the creation, discovery and the dominance of the human condition. She is an aesthetic philosopher. She expresses her life as a social ape that is passionate about the discovery and dominance of the humanity. Xoa contributes and engages with her narrative which focuses on the errors of the self-concept as inspired by the relationships in her life.



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