Vasant (Spring) 2019 Poems -Dave Lewis


Eve at Rest Bay

By Dave Lewis

smooth-shell streaked
rainbow-mini-trapped within whorl


motley flecked
like a brittle face

curved jewelled


“the Lord God made them all”

a speck prism

a variegated creation beauty
a galaxy beach morning
between tides exposed
briefly ‘Did you see?’


grain of colour
size of your eyes
grab maculate
defile the moment
keepdeep wash in
wash out

throwing fiery flames
on the sandy parchment
break in a curl



Embrace the space between

By Dave Lewis


Ancient silent woodlands & chatty brook clapping hands
bed of bluebells & soft moss oak smells

trout under shadows & dead root scarecrows
of mountain ash & blue sky backlash

ceiling roof & cathedral aloof
coal tits in silver birch & ferns by riverbank church

holly waiting for snow & wren hiding rodeo
wild garlic breeze & butterflies at ease

surrounded by stones & trillions of zones
totally alone & thrush song cologne

blackbird alumni & bracket fungi
smooth beech & Scots pine leach
scratch my beard malware & run hands through my hair

like there's no one there & take reasonable care
personal spring & myown growth ring
stone bridge & boundary ridge

‘tween modern world stew & the place I've retreated to
now, I’m off grid & last year’s eyelid

Is copper bracken sea & pink blossom 3D
sunshine meth & peaceful breath…



Dave Lewis is a writer from Pontypridd, South Wales. He has always lived in Wales except for a year in Kenya. He has published a number of books and also written newspaper columns, poetry for magazines, sports stories for the BBC. Dave Lewis is an award-winning writer and poet who has been widely published all over the world. He is founder of the International Welsh Poetry Competition - His first ever short story was runner up in the Rhys Davies Competition and his poetry collection 'Going Off Grid' was a finalist in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards 2018.

He has been a science teacher, BBC web producer, doorman, photographer & builder's labourer. He has a Zoology degree from Cardiff University and a HNC in Software Engineering from the University of South Wales. He likes to travel the world looking for wildlife.Although known mainly as a poet, Dave has also written a gritty, crime thriller trilogy where he hopes to give readers the same thrills and excitement that you get from reading Lee Child and James Patterson. He is the organiser of the International Welsh Poetry Competition...



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