Vasant (Spring) 2019 Poems - Carphuy Loro



Our Beloved Mother Earth

By Carphuy Loro


You are a mother supreme.
You birthed the rivers and lakes and seas.
Your off springs are worthy of esteem:
Man, microbes, and the many trees.


Life and death lie in your belly.
Your core burns with fierce fire unending.
And the waters bring balance and steady
To your beloved ecology without relenting.


Like a happy mom you fertilize and nurture.
Apples, pears, beans and eggs abound.
Like an angry mom you erupt and shake violently by nature,
Unleashing horror, pain and anguish around.


You never grow weary but spin on and on.
When your offsprings grow weary and wizened,
In your bosom you absorb them all.
You conserve and keep everything enlivened.

Though you are expiring at a slow pace,
We men owe it to you that you live long and glow in grace.




Kafui Avaworyi (Carphuy Loro) from Ghana likes literature and poetry. He writes short stories and poetry. Has a B.A. in English and Political Science and is an ardent fan of Sydney Sheldon.



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