Vasant (Sprin) 2018 Poems -Mark Andrew Heathcote



I knocked on a red-earth door

By Mark Andrew Heathcote


I knocked on an earth-red door
And death let me in;
He spoke warm and soft
About the log fire within.

And though I warmed to his charm
His company was dim;
So I shut the door and left,
Drinking Vodka and Gin.

Singing limerick odes for death
About the duties of sin;
Walking erstwhile forever?
'Til his feet made no din



Mark Andrew Heathcote from Manchester, UK, is the author of “In Perpetuity” and “Back on Earth” two books of poems published by a CTU publishing group, Creative Talents Unleashed. He is an adult learning difficulties support worker, who began writing poetry at an early age at school. Mark enjoys spending his leisure time off work reading and writing and spending time gardening.



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