Vasant (Spring) 2019 Poems - Khel Oberyn



And Soaring With Bards

By Khel Oberyn


Slumbering eyes shuttered in sleep,
Lie a-stretch and still.
Minds unfettered, sojourn deep;
With wings outstretched,
Flying high and uphill.


Over the plains of the unspoken,
The deep transported may glide.
In lives entwined betwixt the unknown,
The adventurous swallows reside.


Riding o'er waves and winds,
Of turbulent brainstorms and sea!
The artful literose ship sail,
In chartless course of brimming idée.


There is that elliptical flavor,
About the sardonic contrivance of the elements.
And the gleeful flight,
O'er the half-sunny, sensual atmosphere!


And there's the feather,
And the ink in vocation.
On rapid shallow wing beats;
The muse falls to rest,
On white, black and gray parchments.


You know the bird is home,
When your flustering heart is a-fly.


Obioma Obinna (Khel Oberyn) from Nigeria is a Chemical Engineering student of a Federal University of Technology. He is the author of his debut romance novels "Lovebirds Do Fly" and "Grapes of Gall".



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