Vasant (Spring) 2019 Poems - Promise Ugochukwu Nwafor



A Patch of Reed

By Promise Ugochukwu Nwafor


In the early days I used to seek out sanctuaries or at
Least kindred spaces marked with penumbral frequencies
For the rites of each homage, and nothing was going to
Be enough on the garish shores of secular life.


The laugh of the aged has proved to be a ridicule at life too but
At that time, borne on my wizen visage was yet the waxy print of life,
Time to swap selfs effortlessly and make great voyages on dry wings
Of wet cocoyam leaves, to great citadels of learning; ancient, svelte, timeless.


Of thirsts sought into the heart of rocks, carved in time into
Meanings, spoken into realities before the presences you take.
Of the maiden-thought that there comes a time when your green
Children of the forest, exhausted, must retire to a primal repose.


If these hollow stalks were thick as to make a flute, it is a dirge that
I and my companions must set out to make each dawn as we muse on
The fate of a kingdom that has known no better teacher and whose offsprings,
Conscious-eyed, bites the sole finger that feeds their descent.



Promise Ugochukwu Nwafor from Nigeria is a lawyer and an emerging writer and a poet. His works are accepted for publication on platforms such as Lunaris Review, Fox Spirit Books, and Enkare Review. He has completed a short story collection and is working on the first draft of his debut novel. He also writes poetry. He enjoys travelling and is interested in cross-cultural heritage.



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