Vasant (Spring) 2019 Poems -Tara Sattar




By Tara Sattar


The room still smells of the perfume phial that you broke.
The stenches of cigarettes still haunt the blanket.
As I sit in one corner of the four walls,
they all remind me of you.
I want to escape.


But I am a masochist of this Earth.
You are like a hangover,
that keeps me running back to the bar,
where you drink,
and I dance.


I confront your indecent eyes,
Indulged in booze,
As you watch me move.
And my exposed skin.



Tara Sattar from Dhaka, Bangladesh is a poet and blogger. She writes poems and on social issues like rape, violence, education, etc. Her focus is on the development of women’s place in the world. She’s a reader and a fashion aficionado. Someday, she wishes to publish her own novel.



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