Vasant (Spring) 2019 Poems -Victor Vincent Lazarus




By Victor Vincent Lazarus


The fear of death hasn’t sealed my mouth this tight,
That even my breath contemplates escape from my being and Earth.


The horror, I was served to eat with bleeding
Pains, has seduced my mind into the stream of stigmatic hatred.


That cloudy day, which still holds it position in my
heart. The day my legs was parted by a brawny hands.


His insertion denoted the flowery curtain of my pride, and erupt a flash explosion of a killer pain in my brain.
As he willed his way to and fro, in destructive carefulness.


How will the world come to my rescue, when the devil is seen as the architecture of my immeasurable grief,
as my tormentor is pardoned for ignorance?


What’s the salvation and the redemption scheme, for thousand of my kind out there?
As suicide comfort their broke spirit with redemption?


Who’s the minister of seduction? Compelling a giant to get attracted by my pale core?
I never seduced him, and never did others.


Victor Vincent Lazarus from Nigeria is a playwright and poet. He has penned a number of short stories and poems.



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